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I need new Being Human icons.

SO, that episode was definitely an improvement over ... well, most of last season! We'll see, we'll see.

My final verdict on S2, which those of you who've been here a while may have been able to tell from my abrupt dropoff in posting episode reviews, was that I didn't really like it much. I thought compared to S1 it was all over the place, with too much vamp politics, not enough OT3/4, Annie being sidelined/her storylines getting dropped, Mitchell no longer being sweet to her or anyone, George being gross and making Nina's angst all about him, Mitchell getting a horrible, horrible subplot about how Lucy's ~love could save him from whatever the fuck, and just generally a lot of manpain culminating in Mitchell having a bad day and murdering a train full of people with no repercussions whatsoevs. I actually forgave George in the latter part of the season, but Mitchell and I were all but done professionally. We would've been completely done if not for the bit when he felt Annie get torn from the world and vowed to get her back because look, I'm not made of stone.

+ The S3 premiere was a step in the right direction because it eased my fears that what Mitchell did at the end of S2 would never be addressed. It's a tricky balance though, because while it NEEDED to be addressed, I'd hoped purgatory would be more about Annie, that we'd see more of her and have it look a little less like she was just being held hostage 'till Mitchell owned up to his sins in an overly drawn-out episode of This Is Your Life, John Mitchell.

Also, not everything he did was addressed and I will never forgive him for terrorizing Annie in That One Scene; no matter how hot Aidan Turner is, Annie was legit freaked out and it wasn't hot in the slightest and he hasn't apologized and probably never will. Does he even remember that? Will Annie? These are the things that plague me. Because I love Annie/Mitchell, I do, but that's always been dependent on how sweet Mitchell is to Annie and I feel like last season is a lot to make up for so even though I enjoy their hugs and shippytimes and obvious love for each other, I'm still going to be side-eyeing Mitchell for a little while. BUT HEY, if I could forgive George for last season, I'm sure my Mitchell love will come back to the level it used to be at some point.

+ All that said! I really really enjoyed and was relieved at Mitchell being held accountable for his actions by one of his victims. I loved that he was never let off the hook, and I loved Lia (and the actress playing her) so much. The way she kept neatly knocking down his excuses! Perfect scene. I'm really, really sad that we'll probably never see her again.

+ Really, really heavy addiction metaphor with all of Mitchell's excuses and cop-outs and his insistence on being saved/redeemed by everyone's love. You have to wonder if he'll ever really recover and if not, what that means for his character. If they carry out the addiction metaphors could this possibly lead to his... you know, apologizing to the people he's hurt? I'm guessing no, since he promptly switched off that television when Lia's picture popped up at the end. SIGH.

+ George and Mitchell's good-bye in the hospital. OH BOYS. <3

+ I'm not so invested in the werewolf whatever subplot yet, except I can see where it might give George/Nina lots to do, and I can see where Mitchell will tie into it because it probably has something to do with that prophecy, but I can't see where it leaves Annie. I hope she gets some good stuff this season.

+ Michael Socha! If I didn't already know he was Lauren Socha's brother, I would've said "whoa, that dude looks a lot like Lauren Socha." UNCANNY.

+ George/Nina are gorgeous and I loved every moment they were on screen. So happy the OT3 has become an OT4! Nina fits in really well and her friendship with each of the three of them is so special.

+ NinaNinaNina, making George and Mitchell respect the dead guy, saving George like a boss, flipping off Mitchell, being amazing. Also, Sinead Keenan is basically brilliant. That scene where she breaks George out of jail while in the midst of her own transformation was so perfect and darkly hilarious.

+ ANNIE'S BACK. So glad they didn't draw that out. So looking forward to more of her. So crazy about her - she got so little to do this week, but just that one moment where she turned back to ask Lia what had happened to her, when she'd just been freed and could've torn out of there without a thought, was just ...everything I love about Annie in one shot. Fervently hoping she gets to have her own agenda this season.

+ Basically if Being Human were all about how George, Annie, Nina, and Mitchell sit round the house playing Parcheesi all day, it would be a perfect show. THAT CAST AND THEIR ADORABLENESS, I CAN'T EVEN. Maybe it's because I was spoiled for Annie's actual rescue, or maybe it's because I'm still not over Mitchell last season, but I didn't really burst into tears until after Annie was home and she faked George out (and Russel Tovey sobbed) and then he scooped her off her feet and then Nina hugged Mitchell and then Annie and Nina flapped their hands and flew at each other. It was basically a perfect scene.

+ I love their new house! I loved Annie's "...oh" reaction to the wall mural. I loved her reaction to the move ("I want to go back!" "To Bristol?" "No, to purgatory!"). I loved surprise!Rhys in the woods (and I miss Torchwood!).

So yeah! The premiere definitely renewed my excitement about the show.

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