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WELL. BEEN A WHILE. Hi guys. I have other stuff I want to post about, but srs bsns first:

+ So OBL's dead, and it's super-surreal. I remember exactly where I was on 9/11, and it's hard to believe that it's been ten years with this spectre hanging over us. I'm glad he's dead for the symbolic value, for the fact that the world's legit a better place without him, for the shot in the arm this gives to our troops, and for the closure it's brought those who need it. All that's real and important and I'm grateful no Americans were harmed while taking him out even as I'm sorry that Pakistani civilians weren't so lucky.

That said, the surge of nationalism (mostly the accompanying anti-Islamic sentiment) scares me. The gross jokes on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr last night. The assumptions that the Islamic community isn't as happy about this as we are. The belated (extremely belated) undercurrents of fear of retaliation that we should've thought about, oh, nine years ago or at any point since. Now is NOT the time to start sowing fear about that. I also can't with the throngs of people celebrating outside the white house either. I get it, but it seems like very much the wrong tone to take with the world watching, and celebrating death makes me feel skeevy, particularly considering the tens of thousands of deaths over the last decade that reportedly sprung from the search for this one dude. Hard to call that victory. It's just sobering, and at the end of the day nothing's changed in the region; what we change with regards to our Afghanistan policy remains to be seen.

On a lighter note but not that much lighter, Donald Trump can go shave his back now. Guess now we know why it took Obama so long to get around to releasing that long-form birth certificate, hm?

+ Good luck to everyone in Canada today with your elections.

+ thoughts on TV and a music post later/tomorrow.

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