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+ Saw Thor this weekend and I'm in love. I mean, there's stuff I could say about the storytelling and whatnot, but mostly I LOVE THOR. THOR IS A FLUFFY BUNNY. I have such a kink for cuddly superheros with storyarcs that are about being wise and kind and sweet, and also punching stuff. And who kiss Jane's fingers and make her giggly. Such superheros are rare and refreshing, as most superheros are emos and/or douches and/or emodouches. I want all the fic. Thor/Jane and Thor/Sif and Thor/Loki and Sif/Darcy (I DON'T KNOW, I JUST LOVED THEM BOTH). Anyway I've procured Thor: The Mighty Avenger to read because I am told it's all about fluffy!Thor.

Anyway yeah, fic. *grabbyhands*

+ Have been sucked back into Glee. Sort of. I still fast-forward a lot, but I'm so ridiculously invested in Brittany/Santana. I just want them to be okay. ;___;

+ I'm watching Doctor Who but I'm not quite as invested as I was last season. The things I am invested in are too confusing for me to puzzle out right now, but I enjoy the theories and I've been staying away from spoilers so that whatever twists are coming are totally new to me. My overwhelming feeling: everything is River and nothing hurts. Except for when things are pirates and I'm bored. Amy can keep the hat, though. *swoon*

+ The other stuff I'm watching is primarily Game of Thrones, Treme, The Vampire Diaries, and The Good Wife. I think this post would get too long if I talked about them all in detail, but suffice it to say:

--- Game of Thrones: STAAAAARKS. And also Jon/Sam giving Jon a much-needed personality injection. And also caring about Jamie and Cersei for the first time ever. And oh, the ranting that I want to do about Dany/Drogo and the Dothraki storyline.
--- The Vampire Diaries: My abusive relationship with this show continues. Still loving Elena and Stefan and Bonnie, still shipping Damon/Stake. and very sad that they have decided to make the finale completely free of narrative tension. (Unless there's anyone who believes the writers will ever let Damon go, I should say.)
--- Treme: Best show. LADONNA. ;__;

+ I also want to talk about Fringe, but idk if I have time to get into it. Could go for an Olivia-centric rewrite of the back half of this season though.

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