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4 November 1983
United States
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angel coulby, arthur pendragon, arthur/gwen, batman, battlestar galactica, being human, big bang theory, bleach, bradley james, bsg, christian bale, christina/owen, cowboy bebop, dean/seamus, dexter, elizabeth weir, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, freema agyeman, friday night lights, grace park, graphics, greys anatomy, guinevere, gwen, gwen/morgana, h/hr, harry hermione, harry potter, harry/hermione, harry/luna, helo/athena, hermione granger, icons, john sheppard, john/teyla, johnny depp, kahlan amnell, katie mcgrath, laura roslin, legend of the seeker, liberals, lord of the rings, mad men, mcdreamy, mcsteamy, merlin, mitchell/annie, mitchell/annie/george, morgana, movies, music, nathan fillion, number six, patrick dempsey, potc, prince of tennis, rodney mckay, ron weasley, rping, science, sga, sharon valerii, showtime, slash, smallville, smut, sons of anarchy, stoatshead hill, superman, sytycd, teyla emmagan, that one, the tudors, tom welling, trio, true blood, weeds, writing, x-men
twenty-something. USian. chromatic. fannish. liberal. scatterbrained. obssessed with music. bad driver. loves politics. studies microscopic things for a living. plays at writing. listens to her mother. remembers tiny details. forgets large details. fucking foul-mouthed. squee machine. crushes a lot.

merlin. that potter boy. being human. star trek. leverage. true blood. mad men. dexter. sga. bsg. supernatural. bones. legend of the seeker. sons of anarchy. deadwood. the wire. big love. bollywood. cold case. jossverse. law & order. american idol. so you think you can dance. [insert bravo reality series]. whatever else.

what's in here.
squee. fic. icons. tv, book, or movie reviews of dubious coherence. squee. politics. rants. things i care about. random linkspam. squee. occasional serious business. picspams. squee.

on friending.
some things are locked, most things aren't. feel free to add me at will; i usually add back if we've stuff in common or we've interacted elsewhere. some things here are R and NC17 rated, so bear ratings in mind.

and also, hi. :D

my stuff.

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