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TVD 2x07

+ Been meaning to talk about Glee, but I don't feel like ranting about Will/Emma right now.

+ I was going to talk about Community, but I don't understand this season, I don't understand it at all. I was mostly in for shirtless Donald Glover and singing along to the ABBA songs.


+ EVERYONE LOOKED SO HOT IN THEIR MASKS. I particularly loved Katherine's and Bonnie's. And the dudes looked hot, and JEREMY, PHWOAR, I almost felt weird about how attracted to him I was this week. I've always sort of looked at him like a kid, but now I'm sorta intrigued, much like Bonnie in this episode.

+ Witches FTW, btw. Bonnie was AMAZING this week. I love her characterization more every single week, and I love the insights that this episode gave. We started out in typical fashion, with Bonnie reluctantly agreeing to help Damon and Stefan in their plans, and I thought that would be it, but it actually turned into this emotional subplot for her that I just loved. She agrees to help because she can't NOT, she loves these people too much, but she's SO SCARED of meeting the same fate as the other witches in her family. I was so glad she got to open up about that in her first scene with Jeremy. KATERINA GRAHAM IS SO GOOD because it's not just telling without showing, either. The conflict and determination and doubts and love are all over her face at all times.

I figured Bonnie and Lucy were related, and I'm glad that too led to an emotional moment for Bonnie. I felt the tears a little bit at the end when she reached for Lucy, desperate for answers and a connection and a little bit of guidance (I imagine she's been flailing a bit since Grams). Even though arguably, she's got more self-awareness and a little better handle on things than she thinks, certainly better than Lucy who let herself get swept up one too many times I guess.

Speaking of Lucy, I k-kinda ship her with Katherine. From the start I was like "HNNNNG YES" and then toward the middle the power imbalance made me leery, but by the end of the episode, I was all over it again. Would love to see Lucy and Katherine interact again now that the tables have turned a bit.

(Also, just as an aside, and this doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the episode/show/whatever but I'm hoping we see a little more witch-ly diversity, if I can just point that out real quick. I'm just saying if every witch is black and using her powers in the service of vampires I'm gonna start to see patterns, I can't help it. I know most of them have been in the same family so far, so I mostly understand, I'm just saying.)

Can we get back to Bonnie and Joe Smooth, though? JEREMY IS TRYING TO BE A PROPER ~MAN~ NOW. Mackin' on Bonnie like a boss. I love how she was initially weirded out by his n00b-tastic come-ons ("maybe like, a ~sex spell~", really Jere? Really? I LOVED THE FACE SHE MADE AT THAT and I love that the writers wrote him in that way because it was just so real and teenagery). She obviously just sees him as her BFF's kid brother. But then by the end of the episode, it was clear she was slightly intrigued, if not full-on interested yet, as she tried to process the fact that he can even drive a car. EVERYTHING WAS ADORABLE.

They have great chemistry, and I never considered shipping it before, but given I can easily ship Bonnie with anyone, I'm happy to add him to to bunch. *\o/* Even though I'm still not sure how I feel about it. GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK JERE. XP

+ CAROLINE. I love how self-possessed she's becoming, how much more confident she is in her new skin. SO impressed by how she carried out her end of the plan )and was so bouncy about it after she trapped Katherine, and then how she handled Tyler after he killed that girl.

+ Speaking of that girl, augh, both of the fly girls who hung around Tyler, dead in the same ep. I don't even know how to feel about that. I expected one to die eventually, but damn.

+ Much as I love Elena/Stefan I'm glad they didn't get back together after just one ep, and it is perfectly in character for Elena to be more focused on keeping her loved ones safe after the recent close calls. I wonder if she knows that Katherine isn't actually dead, if Stefan himself knows, or if it's just Damon's secret.

+ Mildly curious who snatched Elena, but mostly content to sit back and enjoy the show.

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