just heather (heather) wrote,
just heather

stop me if you think you've heard this one before

NBC cancels Undercovers...

...and renews Outsourced.


Look, Undercovers was a slow starter, as fun as it is. I know that. But ratings weren't that bad and tbh MANY of Abrams' projects have been slow starters -- and just like LOST and Fringe eventually did in their first seasons, Undercovers has been starting to grow into itself. It deserved a chance, and the Abrams pedigree should have guaranteed it at LEAST might be able to finish out the season.

I wouldn't even be as bothered if I didn't know that networks will cite this "example" when they inevitably refuse to pick up any more shows with PoC leads. DNW any of the articles that are already circulating, overanalyzing ~what went wrong~.


Any time NBC would cut that off at the knees, yet pick up Outsourced, the WORST SHOW EVER, I guess that tells me everything I need to know about NBC. Especially since I'm not sure where this leaves Parks and Recreation in the spring. With Community getting on my nerves lately that's the only comedy on NBC that I still even look forward to.

Why does anyone even bother with network TV?

...that said, thoughts on TVD later. XP

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