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Merls 3x12

Taking this one point-by-point, then going back to watching The Wire. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLY EVEN BETTER ON REWATCH, JSYK.

As I rewatch the ep:

+ I don't think anyone actually thought Leon was dead; dude's got at least another seven lives yet.

+ Uther is back to anti-using magic to save people this week, I see.

+ Good to hear he didn't actually succeed in killing all the Druids last year, btw. Doesn't seem surprised about that, either.

+ Morgana should wear quieter shoes when she's lurking. Not that it matters, I suppose.

+ I don't understand the running 'I can't tell you where we're going' gag between Arthur and Merlin but it's good to see Arthur being nice to him.

+ LOL @ the random slow-motion when Morgause revealed herself to Morgana in the dungeons.

+ How did the cup end up with the Druids? I wasn't under the impression they hung out with the Old Religion Ladies. Maybe they found it at the Isle of the Blessed.

+ Morgeezy's in full-smirk mode.


+ Cenred: So when we have the cup --
Morgause: LOL, "we". You're hilarious, C. BTDubs, you're going to die -- I mean, get what you deserve.
Cenred: Durrr, ur pretty.

+ Arthur/Merlin: *banter moar, then get tossed into a hole*

Gwaine: *is conveniently there*

+ Arthur stepping up to take Merlin's place, aw. ♥

+ This is mostly because I wanted to see more of the coup than just the last ten minutes of the episode, but I feel like the ENTIRE sequence in Jarl's castle was a complete waste of time. None of this had much to do with Cenred, so there had to have been a way for them to run into Gwaine that wouldn't have wasted ten minutes. Possibly I would be feeling more charitable had the swordfight been shirtless.

+ Anyway, lalala, swordfight. Merlin breaks them out himself as usual.

+ Dudely banter.

+ LOL, Morgause is not fucking around. Bye Jarl.

+ The Druid cave was easily my least favorite. Arthur being rough with the kid and then threatening to trade his life for the cup when the Druids were clearly not even armed, WTF. I don't think he would've actually hurt the boy but it felt deeply out of character all the same. It could've worked out to be a really good scene for him if, when the Druid handed over the cup without a fight, Arthur was so humbled he apologised and maybe started to see them in a different way Perhaps he was so rough because he's afraid of them or whatever. I did think he LOOKED humbled and a little questioning afterward, but I needed more, especially when he left the cave all "they can't be trusted".

Blah. :/

+ All this time spent, and the cup literally falls on some lucky soldiers' heads. GRATE. Bonus knocked-out!Arthur. :/

+ LOL that Cenred doesn't drop some of his own blood into that cup. You'll regret that one pretty soon, bud.

+ Morgana fucking with Uther again, lol. Possibly giving him another chance to say Arthur's not his only kid.

+ Cute Merlin/Gwaine scene as Merls tries to get rid of him, aww.

+ Cenred's last stand, oh noes!

Cenred: Don't think you can cross me.
Morgause: Bitch please, we ain't partners.

He should've seen it coming, though. I will miss this campy bastard.

+ I wanted LOADS more of the stuff that was happening in Camelot while the boys were out having shenanz and losing the cup. Some Uther stuff, some Elyan/lower town stuff, some Gwen stuff, some Morgana stuff. This whole coup was WAY too epic to've been stuffed into the back end of the episode.

+ GWEN, WHERE YOU BEEN GIRL. This scene was awesome, and way too short, and not nearly enough. I was so genuinely scared for her when Morgana came in and Gwen knew she was behind it all before she said a word. I so wanted more time spent on this, the fallout of what she saw in 3x08. But Morgana's reactions to Gwen's questions were priceless and I like that, as soon as Morgana decided she could stop pretending, Gwen started pretending. And here all of a sudden Morgana's not completely uncaring about Gwen - she wants Gwen's loyalty and doesn't want her to die along with everyone else. So she's making all these assurances, which gives Gwen the opportunity to do what she can.

But yeah, you can tell Morgana still believes in her cause with all her talk about change, but has warped it just like her father did back in the day.

LOVE the hug because Gwen's face over Morgana's shoulder was freaked out whilst Morgana was genuinely smiling. She actually thinks she still has Gwen and there's something so twisted and fascinating about the way she still craves intimacy with the people she's betrayed. I know we're all sad and all but the twisted!Morgana fic could be awesome.

No more Gwen for this week though. SO SICK OF THIS, SO SICK

+ Okay there CAN'T be any more knights left by now, jesus.

+ Love that the boys went straight to Gwen's house when they reached the lower town. Love that they found Elyan there waiting for her. Love that Arthur mumbled about her before Uther when Merlin was all "dude you need to sit down". THEY LOVE HER <3

+ Merlin being competent with the medical stuff always makes me happy. I hope next season he has to do a fair bit more of that without Gaius even though I know Gaius will be back.

+ Gwaine and Elyan lurking around corners :D

+ Merls staying with Arthur :D

+ Can't pretend I'm feeling sorry for Uther right now.

Morgana: "Surprise, motherfucker!"

ok that was awesome. HIS FACE. And I liked her "I am your daughter after all". Her voice was still shaking with anger and she still can't be as calculating about it all as Morgause.

Meanwhile Arthur's all "WHAT THE FUCK"


So glad Arthur knows everything now, and I'm hoping some time's spent on his feelings about that, and Gwen's once they all get away and regroup. I need a HELL of a lot more Gwen next week ffs, though that might not be likely given everything going on.

Trailer was EPIC, though. omg it's almost over :(((

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