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Misfits 2x04


I was expecting the show to pull something like this; I mean really, how else can this kind of storyline end with two Simons running around, but DAMN IT STILL HURT. I was hoping for future!Simon/Alisha to maybe last another full episode at least. They're ENTIRELY TOO GORGEOUS. With their faces and their chemistry and the intensity of their love just sort of pouring out of them when they look at each other. Augh, there's this moment in his apartment where she says she has to leave and he flails a little bit, clinging to her just subtly, because he knows it's his last chance to touch her, and OH MY GOD, it killed me. I mean, I guess I'm glad that this opens up the next ~phase~ of the storyline, which is presumably watching the relationship between present!Simon and Alisha happen. I really want them to get to know each other better, wherever else it leads.

Since Simon is still around, my pain at his actual death wasn't as much as I thought it would be - I definitely cried, but mostly for Alisha. Just. WOW. Watching her cling to him and tell him that it's HIM she loves, not the other Simon. Antonia and Iwan were so amazing in that scene, him so urgent and her so broken. At that point it really struck me how fucked this situation is for her, how out of control she must feel. When I think about it the consent issues are just... whoa.

The pressure of knowing what happens before it happens, and then being expected to let it play out naturally (as she ostensibly did, but never realistically had a chance of doing, with Curtis). Predestination is a shitty concept any way you shake it, but how can whatever happens down the line feel completely REAL to her? She was basically told that she'd fall in love with someone she currently has no romantic feelings for, which was enough of a weight to put on her. But THEN, she falls in love with the future Simon under her own steam -- that's the real love, at this point -- only to lose that one, be forced to set him on fire even, and be told that she must fall for the other Simon. THE WEIGHT THAT PLACES ON HER SHOULDERS. I CANNOT. Here he is telling her that "it's all coming together" (as planned, wtf), that she falls in love with him and makes him into a better man. I... what even. Does she get a choice in this?

idk, that got me, that's what made me cry most of all. It's painful to imagine, and that's before I even get into how crushingly lonely she must be feeling. Present!Simon still can't touch her after all; no one can. On the one hand, I'm a sucker for the angst and the material it gives Alisha/Antonia. On the other hand, what the fuck, you know? Everything Alisha is handed on this show has consent issues attached. I also felt sadder for Curtis/Alisha this week than I did last week. I think there was only so long their relationship could've sustained itself as sweet as it was, but Curtis didn't deserve to be hurt; he's been nothing but wonderful and a much better, more respectful guy in the now than Nathan OR present!Simon. Their fight and breakup were really well played.

I like his chemistry with the new girl though - WHOM I LOVE, btw.

Also looking forward to some good Kelly stuff next week, she hasn't had much. The BFF-ness between her and Alisha this week was lovely, too.

Practically speaking, the logistics of the timey-wimey stuff in this episode had me really confused, and I don't know if it's because I need to think on it more, or because it just doesn't make sense. XP

The Vampire Diaries 2x10

+ First off, I lost count of how many times Damon threatened, yanked, and tossed Elena around in this episode. NOT. OKAY. And here's the thing, I understand that's who Damon is and has always been, I'm not arguing that it was out of character or whatever. But it was gross to watch. Open intimidation =/= romance, I don't care that he was trying to protect her. It's not that I think Elena's idea was smart or well-thought out (though it was perfectly in-character and stupidly brave), but was HER idea, her decision, and Damon physically restraining her repeatedly was the WORST. I love that Elena said "when have I ever made a decision?" and points out how much Damon and Stefan try to control her all the time -- Damon in his gross overbearing way, Stefan in his loving but oft-paternalistic way (it's more complicated with Stefan because there are also situations in which he respects her feelings/choices and gives her space that are rare to see from a guy on this type of show, but that's beside my main point).

Anyway, that's what I have to say about that. In particular, the moment in which Elena swung her fist to hit Damon, and he gripped her fist and forced it down in a long drawn-out scene made me want to turn that shit off then and there. idk, I have enjoyed the writing for Damon and Elena this season even though the prospect of them being together romantically is a MASSIVE DNW for me. But right now, it's completely one-sided and more about Damon dealing with his feelings in light of the reality that she loves Stefan -- AND more importantly, his learning that REAL love is selfless, that his intense feelings for her don't make him entitled to her affections. Her turning him aside repeatedly has made the story about his learning to be a FRIEND to her. Rawles explains it all much better here. That is a story I actually appreciate. But this week my feelings for Damon took a major backslide. WHY is he someone she cares about given some of the shit he pulls? My fanwank is that she tolerates him for Stefan. The show doesn't shy away from showing Damon at his worst, so I'm not convinced they were TRYING to portray that as romantic at this point, but I'm convinced eventually they WILL become romantic in some way, and I'm going to have problems with it.

+ But let's talk about Bonnie. BONNIE. Learning more about herself, adopting new skils, finding kinship with someone like her, and most importantly ENJOYING her powers. That's something we haven't seen enough of. I don't think she has much chemistry with Luka romantically, but I loved that scene with the wind, it was visually stunning and a lovely character moment for her.

+ Side note, Luka's dad working for Square Jawed Vampire Whose Name is Maybe... Isaac? I Can't Remember Just Now. Anyway, SIGH. I've been over the race issues I have with witches/warlocks always working for vampires and this ep (and the last one) didn't help.

+ Back to Bonnie, though. I'm so happy with the material she's had this season, a real logical progression of her powers that comes with real limitations she's struggling with. Almost feels like a fleshed-out storyline and I love it. I didn't review the last episode but oh my GOD I loved the moment where she passes out in front of Jeremy and urges him not to say anything. He assumes she means just Damon, but she said "anyone who can hurt me". Another GORGEOUS character moment for her. She has these powers but the vulnerabilities that come with them really scare her in light of what's happened to the other witches in her family. I love that she tried to channel Luka again and amplify her power, that it didn't work and how much that distressed her. And I love that Jeremy consistently, constantly looks out for her personal well-being - even though he promised not to say anything, he recognized that what she wanted to do would probably take a toll and tried to warn her against it subtly - unlike Damon though, he backed down when she was adamant about her decision. He went behind her back to try and get the moonstone himself in a harebrained scheme, but he respected her in the moment. (AND GOSH HOW BRAVE WAS HE.)

+ She was so frantic about Jeremy being trapped in the tomb with Katherine, and she clung to him so tightly when Stefan ran in and tossed him out. I am still forever a Stefan girl. GOSH, guys. The entire sequence of him trying to comfort and keep Bonnie calm as she panicked, his his face when he looked back at Katherine about to bite Jeremy again and he made that split-second decision to run in, and the moment after, once he's trapped himself, again with his face when he looks at Bonnie and Jeremy. I can't. I can't. kdjalkjfakld STEFAN.

+ Completely loving Jeremy/Bonnie right now. I was iffy at first, but you know what, they have ridic chemistry and Jeremy genuinely cares about her and looks out for her more than any other character at the moment (Stefan is a close second), and there doesn't seem to be an agenda behind it. I can't hate. I enjoy Bonnie's reserve around him too, I think it's realistic that she's trying to keep him at arm's length while doing all these less-conscious things that show how much she cares about him. But she hasn't had time to really process her feelings about this change in their relationship and whether she wants it. Especially in light of how she's looked at Jeremy for as long as she and Elena have known each other.

So yeah. Everything about that, I'm liking.

+ I love how Bonnie's consistently motivated by her love and need to protect Elena, too.

+ Katherine remains the most fun villain ever and Nina Dobrev is AMAZING.

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