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+ So Google's homepage is awesome today:

Martha Graham! And earlier this week it was Mr. Men. Four for you, Google.

+ Last night I read Thor: The Mighty Avenger and it is the best superhero comic in existence. I feel like I can say that because I have read every superhero comic in existence. But no, really, pick it up, it's sweet and adorable and Thor and Jane are my FAVORITES.

I've also acquired Morning Glories, which I found out about on tumblr and haven't read yet, but I'm wondering if it will fill the Runaways-shaped hole in my life.

+ But I really want to talk about The Good Wife.

First off, I call shenanigans if Archie and Julianna don't win all the awards for their work this season. Not just some of the awards either--ALL THE AWARDS.

Second off, I thought this week's was the finale, and I'm glad to see it wasn't, but LOL @ at the promo selling Alicia/Will as if THAT is the thing we have all been waiting for this season. I'll be glad to get it overwith, even if my main interest is Alicia and Kalinda.

I love how much the show ships it, too.

So anyway, I watched this episode with my nails digging into my cheeks. That first confrontation was so intense I had to actually pause and emotionally prepare myself, I kid you not. It just makes sense that Alicia feels the most fresh hurt and is least able to control herself when it comes to Kalinda, who selenak points out accurately is who she has present feelings for/about, rather than Peter whom she's no longer in love with. Seeing Alicia barely able to hold in her anger and her need to lash out was so in-character and difficult to watch. Alicia tries to be in control of herself and her impulses and be fair at all times, to think of how other people feel. But she just can't right now, and I love that over the past two episodes the writers have allowed her to get really ANGRY and a little unfair and not all calm and composed. It's something I wish the Fringe writers would give to Olivia Dunham after all she's been through. Something that really examines how she feels about everything not just the Peter mess, but I digress.

The later scene where Alicia actually does lash out made sense for the same reason. Even though it hurt to watch it. Speaking of things that hurt to watch, I have discovered that when Kalinda cries, I cry. Just. ALL THE AWARDS. I mean, when she fumbled with her notes and half-staggered to the elevator, are you KIDDING ME? She loves Alicia so much you guys, SO MUCH. And it made sense that she'd want to leave L&G, because she doesn't think she can deal, and because it's been easy enough for her to cut ties in the past. I also loved her explanation to Alicia. I do that. It means nothing to me but...I do that.

And she tried to actually describe her feelings about Alicia TO Alicia, which is MAJOR. A big step from giving out her home address a few episodes ago. So it makes sense that when Alicia rejects her, it's a hell of a blow, no matter how justified Alicia's anger is. So she puts her armor back up, she's done, this whole friendship thing is not worth the hurt. The contrast between the off-kilter, shaken, visibly vulnerable Kalinda throughout the episode and the shut-down Kalinda at the end was pretty striking. It hits all my emotionally-unavailable-female-character arc kinks.

her stupid vulnerable face

Other notes:

- I continue to love Will-Kalinda scenes, not really in a shippy way, in a these-characters-play-off-each-other-SO-well way. I don't particularly like Will, but I find him way more compelling in scenes with Diane and Kalinda. I love the sense of history and understanding between them. Love that he calls her "K". Love that they see through each other and how that played out in both of their scenes, but that Will's clearly more emotionally available than she is, which is probably a new thing. He opens up about Alicia in the first scene, she shuts down about Alicia in the next.
- LOL, Cary is such an IRL troll. And I love him but I'd rather thought he and Alicia were getting along better since mutually helping Kalinda, so it's a bit disappointing that they're playing up this rivalry to keep him at the states' attorney's office. However I do enjoy when the writers have him and Kalinda contact each other at random just to talk, to give pretext for them to find out other things, but also adding more scenes to their friendship.
- Kalinda cracking up when Sofia tells her about the contract with Peter's office was an awesome touch.
- I want that grey leather hoodie she was wearing.
- I can't work out whether I love Nancy or Patty more.
- I enjoyed Sofia and all the other ladies that Kalinda interacts with professionally and has mad chemistry with. (Poor Zoe from last week by the way! You know Kalinda probably never called her. *g*)

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