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TV stuff!

Just to update y'all on what I'm watching right now and 'cos it's been a while since I made a tv post. XD

Lost Girl 2x01

I am so unabashedly, unironically glad this show is back in my life. One thing I'm noticing above all is how much screentime everyone got. What I love about Lost Girl is that the supporting characters all interact and have unique relationships with each other instead of just with the main characters, so you get a more fleshed out ensemble. Just in this one episode we get Bo with Lauren and Kenzi and Dyson, Kenzi with Bo and Dyson and Hale, Dyson with Bo and Lauren and Hale, Trick with everyone. It's lovely.

My favorite duos (after Bo/Kenzi) are Kenzi/Hale, Kenzi/Dyson, and Bo/Lauren. Speaking of Bo/Lauren, how cute was Bo watching her sleep? And Lauren dreaming about isotopes and being too freaking adorable? I'm glad Lauren's personality is emerging more this season and I hope with Bo/Dyson on the backburner, she can emerge as more of a main character and a legit love interest for as long as possible.

I always need more Kenzi. Maybe it's because I pay so much attention to her, but it seems like in this episode they were going really hard with people mocking and/or referencing the fact that she's human, so I hope they go somewhere with that this season and she gets a bit of an arc out of it, because human narratives within supernatural canons are my favorite. (What I really want are Kenzi's grifter adventures 24/7, but I'm not holding my breath.)

All the good stuff aside, weird creepy Asian rat-fae? Really? This show and its bizarre background race issues, I stg.

Doctor Who 6x09

I don't want to talk about Let's Kill Hitler because it was everything I never wanted from this show. But I do want to talk for a second about Moffat's life choices this season.

So Amy's narrative so far has been made of mind-wipes and erased memories of her childhood and things/people she loves being dangled in front of her and taken away via bizarre plot twists, including the child she will never have a chance to raise. fine. (I mean, not fine, but fine.)

but then when we encounter a character who happens to be going through something similar who happens to be a child...she never even interacts with him or gets to be the one to help him in what would be the obvious choice?

Oh. Okay. I guess we're not even trying for emotional continuity or characterization anymore.

Breaking Bad 4x08

So I'm happy for you Jesse and Walt and imma let you finish, but this is basically the Skyler and Gus Show for me. Jesse's storyline with Mike is interesting and I love his face but it's moving super slowly for me, and Walter is disgusting as per. In a really well done way, but still. Go away Walter.

GUSTAVO FRING <333333 Loved this episode. Let us pour out some liquor for the Emmy award Giancarlo Esposito will never receive for his flawless work.

Damages 4x08

I don't even know how to string words together for how much I love this show. I'm sorry that it's been juggled around different networks and that I'm STILL not sure what day and time it actually airs, because it's one of the most flawlessly written shows out there and deserves all the recognition and promotion. Usually the suspense for any given season has to do with whatever case they're working on, but this season the source for most of the suspense and dramatic tension is when, how, or if Patty will make a play for Ellen's Highstar case, and it's been amazing to watch. Because even knowing Patty, we weren't sure if she was being genuine, and neither was Ellen, and somehow, along with Ellen, we grew to trust her motives at least a little over the course of the season.

But now of course, shit gets real. I liked selenak's review of 4x08 so I'm going to just link to that. I couldn't even breathe during the last minute of the ep.

Sons of Anarchy 4x01

I really should've dumped this show after season three, which I thought was really, really weak compared to the first two. There just wasn't enough story there with the hunt for Abel to fill up thirteen episodes so stuff got dragged out. Really annoying, corny, unsubtle stuff got dragged out, like Jax's over-the-top manpain and the horrible way he treated Tara because he was trying to ~push her away~ and protect her. And the fact that, at the end, he never even had to apologize for it. And then there was everything with Stahl that rubbed me the wrong way.

But...I'm weak. Weak for Maggie Siff and Charlie Hunnam and their faces and their adorable chemistry. UGH THEY WERE SO LOVELY THIS WEEK. All the touching and kisses and cuddles and being ridiculously in love. MY BABIES AND THEIR BABIES. Not sure how well Jax is going to be able to stick to everything he said, though. He seemed pretty hardcore at the end of the episode when he helped kill the Russians. Also the shifting dynamics between Jax/Tara and Clay/Gemma should be interesting. I have mixed feelings about it because I love the Tara/Gemma relationship so much, yet when they kissed and hugged this week it made me slightly uneasy, because there's this undercurrent of fear/mistrust and foreboding on Tara's end. Ace acting from Maggie Siff in that scene.

The setup for the new season is both interesting and potentially weird, at least with SAMCRO vs the sheriff. Still working out my thoughts on that.

Also, yay for more Deadwood alums. ;)

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