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mo' potter, mo' problems

*chokes on thick layer of dust*

So ...AWOL again, I'm sorry. Been having some trouble keeping up with my f-list and I don't want to think about cutting it at this time so I've just been...not keeping up, WHICH IS BAD AND I FEEL BAD. I miss you guys.

Also hi! There is nothing particularly exciting going on with me, to the point I don't know what to post, really. let's see:

- Wrapping up a summer course for which I have a paper due next Thursday

- Learning how to knit -- I am pretty comfortable with at least three stitches if you count casting on, but I'm having trouble keeping them uniform and not-too-tight which makes me curse and unravel things in frustration, so if any of you guys knit, I would love some tips or links! I'm kind of excited about it, lol. I want to make things.

- Watching all the things, as per usual, which at the moment consists of Luther, Game of Thrones (through last Sunday at least), So You Think You Can Dance, and yet another rewatch of The Wire. Have also seen X-Men: First Class, Thor, and Bridesmaids.

- On the subject of Doctor Who, I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it.

- Slowly working through a massive summer reading list.

- I slept through the Pottermore announcement but I find I don't really care. I bet in October when it actually opens, I'll care.

- I see a bunch of y'all have joined Tumblr, so allow me to link to mine again. I generally post about pretty ladies, occasional dudes, whatever I'm watching, and a fair amount of media and social justice quotes, links, and dubiously-coherent rambles.

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at least i'm different

i sit tight, don't wanna miss the show

+ So Google's homepage is awesome today:

Martha Graham! And earlier this week it was Mr. Men. Four for you, Google.

+ Last night I read Thor: The Mighty Avenger and it is the best superhero comic in existence. I feel like I can say that because I have read every superhero comic in existence. But no, really, pick it up, it's sweet and adorable and Thor and Jane are my FAVORITES.

I've also acquired Morning Glories, which I found out about on tumblr and haven't read yet, but I'm wondering if it will fill the Runaways-shaped hole in my life.

+ But I really want to talk about The Good Wife.

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excuse my charisma


+ Saw Thor this weekend and I'm in love. I mean, there's stuff I could say about the storytelling and whatnot, but mostly I LOVE THOR. THOR IS A FLUFFY BUNNY. I have such a kink for cuddly superheros with storyarcs that are about being wise and kind and sweet, and also punching stuff. And who kiss Jane's fingers and make her giggly. Such superheros are rare and refreshing, as most superheros are emos and/or douches and/or emodouches. I want all the fic. Thor/Jane and Thor/Sif and Thor/Loki and Sif/Darcy (I DON'T KNOW, I JUST LOVED THEM BOTH). Anyway I've procured Thor: The Mighty Avenger to read because I am told it's all about fluffy!Thor.

Anyway yeah, fic. *grabbyhands*

+ Have been sucked back into Glee. Sort of. I still fast-forward a lot, but I'm so ridiculously invested in Brittany/Santana. I just want them to be okay. ;___;

+ I'm watching Doctor Who but I'm not quite as invested as I was last season. The things I am invested in are too confusing for me to puzzle out right now, but I enjoy the theories and I've been staying away from spoilers so that whatever twists are coming are totally new to me. My overwhelming feeling: everything is River and nothing hurts. Except for when things are pirates and I'm bored. Amy can keep the hat, though. *swoon*

+ The other stuff I'm watching is primarily Game of Thrones, Treme, The Vampire Diaries, and The Good Wife. I think this post would get too long if I talked about them all in detail, but suffice it to say:

--- Game of Thrones: STAAAAARKS. And also Jon/Sam giving Jon a much-needed personality injection. And also caring about Jamie and Cersei for the first time ever. And oh, the ranting that I want to do about Dany/Drogo and the Dothraki storyline.
--- The Vampire Diaries: My abusive relationship with this show continues. Still loving Elena and Stefan and Bonnie, still shipping Damon/Stake. and very sad that they have decided to make the finale completely free of narrative tension. (Unless there's anyone who believes the writers will ever let Damon go, I should say.)
--- Treme: Best show. LADONNA. ;__;

+ I also want to talk about Fringe, but idk if I have time to get into it. Could go for an Olivia-centric rewrite of the back half of this season though.

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at least i'm different

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WELL. BEEN A WHILE. Hi guys. I have other stuff I want to post about, but srs bsns first:

+ So OBL's dead, and it's super-surreal. I remember exactly where I was on 9/11, and it's hard to believe that it's been ten years with this spectre hanging over us. I'm glad he's dead for the symbolic value, for the fact that the world's legit a better place without him, for the shot in the arm this gives to our troops, and for the closure it's brought those who need it. All that's real and important and I'm grateful no Americans were harmed while taking him out even as I'm sorry that Pakistani civilians weren't so lucky.

That said, the surge of nationalism (mostly the accompanying anti-Islamic sentiment) scares me. The gross jokes on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr last night. The assumptions that the Islamic community isn't as happy about this as we are. The belated (extremely belated) undercurrents of fear of retaliation that we should've thought about, oh, nine years ago or at any point since. Now is NOT the time to start sowing fear about that. I also can't with the throngs of people celebrating outside the white house either. I get it, but it seems like very much the wrong tone to take with the world watching, and celebrating death makes me feel skeevy, particularly considering the tens of thousands of deaths over the last decade that reportedly sprung from the search for this one dude. Hard to call that victory. It's just sobering, and at the end of the day nothing's changed in the region; what we change with regards to our Afghanistan policy remains to be seen.

On a lighter note but not that much lighter, Donald Trump can go shave his back now. Guess now we know why it took Obama so long to get around to releasing that long-form birth certificate, hm?

+ Good luck to everyone in Canada today with your elections.

+ thoughts on TV and a music post later/tomorrow.

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at least i'm different


So, Being Human 3x08, "The Wolf-shaped Bullet", has basically induced a feelings attack and caused my opinion on this ENTIRE season to do a total 180. I haven't even been bothered to review the episodes since the premiere because I've been behind but I'm so glad I caught up this weekend so I could watch yesterday; I would've hated to be spoiled for this.

That said, if my coworkers ask me why I'm so despondent this week, what do I say? "Oh don't mind, me, just a bit overly invested in a fictional narrative, lalala."

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at least i'm different



I plan to stan/campaign for Gwen, Astrid (is Fringe getting a bracket idek), and Bonnie at first, mostly because I do not suspect any of them will make it past the prelims, so this'll be my only shot. Also you can generally expect to see me stanning the ladies and marginalized chars throughout 'cos that's how I roll.

Also, hellooo everybody. <3 Happy March! I'm gonna try to be around more!

+ TV:

- Excited about Game of Thrones. I'm 2/3 of the way through the first book now.
- Starz' Camelot: Tried it! loooooool... no. I'm sorry! I am sorry. But haha, no. ~*~say my name~*~~~~
- Being Human: currently three episodes behind. Not really in a rush to catch up.
- Vampire Diaries: Is on notice.
- Merlin: Filming in two weeks! I miss the kids, I really do. ♥

+ The Oscars were super-predictable. But David Fincher didn't win! *\o/* And James Franco is probably still high.

+ For the most part I missed the anon meme debate in Merlin fandom. Probably a good thing I missed it, from what I've been reading, but for the record you can count me in the "the meme is overwhelmingly and inexcusably gross, forever and ever amen" camp. I feel like once it becomes necessary to disclaim that "all you have to do is skim past the racism/sexism/personal attacks/appearance wank/bullying and it's an AWESOME PLACE", then it might be gross! I'm just saying, I'm just saying.

+ I did my taxes last week, and all looks good. I might have some extra cash to splurge on something. Think it might be an iPad. Tomorrow is the iPad 2 presentation so we'll see how many major changes there are. I always freak out about big purchases, particularly when they're things I don't... well, actually need. (Like an irl PADD for example.)

+ This post has no point whatsoever. But I got a lot of sleep last night, I actually have energy. Love you guys, back to work. ♥

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